“Creating Problem-Free Corporate Cultures”, Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce Evolve Magazine (August 2017)

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Volusia County Courthouse Annex: I’ll Miss You a Little But . . .

The Courthouse Annex on City Island may be replaced with a new 5 story courthouse. For anyone who doesn't know, City Island is adjacent to Downtown Daytona Beach in the Halifax River. The best thing about the Annex is the proximity to the River and the views. The new courthouse is proposed for Downtown along [...]

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Will Contests

Will contests have become more prevalent in recent years.  While Snell Legal is a business law and commercial litigation firm, and most wills do not involve businesses, the skills we use in handling business law matters, and particularly commercial litigation, are very useful in handling will contests.  And, we have experience with will contests, which [...]

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Intellectual Property – Employment – Breach of Contract – Unfair Business Practices

Represented New Jersey based major new home interior finish design and installation company and employees sued by Georgia based competitor/former employer of employees in federal court in Virginia and Florida for trade secret theft under common law and state versions of Uniform Trade Secrets Act, breach of restrictive covenants, and violation of the Computer Fraud [...]

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Unfair Business Practices – Breach of Contract

Represented major international Czech Republic based manufacturer of aviation lighting products, New York based distributor of aviation lighting products and Czech Republic citizen in suit brought by individual in Illinois state court for fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract, promissory estoppel and unjust enrichment. Obtained dismissal of all claims against New York distributor and Czech Republic [...]

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Represented Nevada hotel cleaning services company in litigation brought by alleged employee in Massachusetts state court for overtime under the Massachusetts Wage Act. Contended fluctuating workweek method of compensation applied and damages were only roughly 25% of what was being sought. Obtained confidential settlement satisfactory to client prior to filing a response with the court.

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As soon as you hire one employee, business becomes more complicated. By the time you have 10 or 20, you should discuss your company’s employment policies and practices with an employment law attorney. Snell Legal attorney Greg Snell has provided employment law representation to many of the largest and most prominent employers in the Daytona [...]

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Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is one of the most common causes of business damage. Breach of contract can occur with written and oral contracts and with all variety of those with whom businesses have relationships, such as employees, vendors, customers, insurance carriers, professionals, among many others. Sometimes a breach of contract results in a loss of [...]

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Unfair Business Practices

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery but when you’ve built a successful business and somebody else tries to take what you’ve got it’s just wrong. We know what to do. Whether it’s theft of trade secrets or trade dress, infringement of intellectual property such as a trademarks or patents, cybersquatting and [...]

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Ownership Disputes

Business ownership disputes can be much like a divorce. They can be ugly, and costly, and maybe even fatal to the business. Unfortunately business ownership disputes often involve people who were friends, are married, or who are otherwise family members. It’s critical with business ownership disputes that involved attorneys have a firm grasp of realistic [...]

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