Insurance Results

Sued insurance carrier for failing to defend insured business client in litigation in Kentucky brought by competitor over alleged taking of intellectual property by independent contractor of competitor who went to work for client.  Since [...]

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Breach of Contract Results

Owner of business which manufactured batteries sold company to Canadian Citizens.  Terms of sale required ongoing payments by buyers to client for a number of years.  Buyers stopped making payments contending they overpaid for the [...]

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Unfair Business Practice Results

Manager of real estate brokerage business, also related through marriage to owners, was sued in nine separate counts, including theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, injunction and defamation, among others.  Manager client went to [...]

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Intellectual Property Results

Shoe store business client, engaging in retail, catalog and internet sales, had customer information hacked by a competitor from server hosting website.  Competitor used information to solicit customers of client just prior to when client [...]

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Employment Results

Employee of business client terminated for poor performance.  Employee, who had brought two prior worker's compensation claims, sued client for worker's compensation retaliation claiming termination was related to her filing of worker's compensation claim.  At [...]

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Intellectual Property – Employment – Breach of Contract – Unfair Business Practices

Represented New Jersey based major new home interior finish design and installation company and employees sued by Georgia based competitor/former employer of employees in federal court in Virginia and Florida for trade secret theft under [...]

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