Business ownership disputes can be much like a divorce. They can be ugly, and costly, and maybe even fatal to the business. Unfortunately business ownership disputes often involve people who were friends, are married, or who are otherwise family members. It’s critical with business ownership disputes that involved attorneys have a firm grasp of realistic legal and practical solutions. In the right hands resolutions can sometimes be brought about quickly, economically, and sensibly. In the wrong hands a problem can simply be made worse.

At Snell Legal we understand how businesses and owners work and that perspective can be invaluable in problem solving business ownership disputes. Some of the types of ownership related commercial litigation with which we can assist are: breach of a fiduciary duty, including a duty of loyalty to the business; breach of restrictive covenants (non-compete, non-solicitation, confidentiality) ; breach of contract, theft of business opportunity; minority owner rights and assertion of appraisal rights; dissolution; interference with a contract or business relationship; breach of contract, among others.

See some of the ownership disputes results to see how we have successfully assisted businesses in the Daytona Beach area and beyond with business ownership dispute litigation.