Assigning Insurance Claim Benefits to a Contractor is Not a Good Idea

An article appeared in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (see link below) in which it was reported that assigning insurance claim benefits to contractors in Florida has caused significant homeowner insurance premium increases. This has become quite prevalent. A homeowner suffers damage which is covered by insurance, such as hurricane damage. When they seek to [...]

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This Lawyer Isn’t Protecting A Harvey Weinstein In Your Workplace

Below is a link to an article in which the implication, or maybe more than implication, seems to be that lawyers work with employers to protect sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein in the workplace.  I've advised lots of employers, large and small, for more than twenty five years, and that isn't anything I've ever done, [...]

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Daytona Beach Area Beachside Redevelopment – IMO Two Essentials for Success

Since the Volusia Beachside Redevelopment Committee is taking input I thought I'd offer a few thoughts on how we might redevelop the greater Daytona Beach area beachside. After nearly three decades residing and working in Volusia County as a business law attorney, and being involved in dozens of causes trying to do my small part [...]

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“Creating Problem-Free Corporate Cultures”, Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce Evolve Magazine (August 2017)

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