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Florida Historic Marker for Historic DeLand Courthouse

Was really pleased to read in the News-Journal today that a Florida Historic Marker has been placed at the Historic DeLand Courthouse. DeLand is the county seat for Volusia County. This courthouse was built in 1929 at a cost of $500,000. At the time that would have been the primary courthouse for Volusia County. Stetson [...]

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Greg Snell Speaks to Medical Practice Managers on Employment Law at Volusia County Medical Society Lunch & Learn

Attorney Greg Snell spoke to a gathering of medical practice managers in Daytona Beach on April 6 at a lunch and learn event hosted by the Volusia County Medical Society and sponsored by Radiology Associates. Mr. Snell provided a general overview of employment law with a focus on issues which typically arise in medical practices [...]

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On President’s Day I Choose to Remember Lincoln – My Inspiration for Becoming a Lawyer

I learned something about President's Day today. I mistakenly believed that it was a day of celebration for both George Washington and Abraham Lincolns' birthdays. When I was young both of their birthdays were on the calendar, recognized in school, and well known to students. Lincoln's is February 12 and Washington's is February 22. Washington's [...]

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A Missing Comma Cost Maine Dairy Business $5 Million – Could it Happen to You?

A Maine dairy business was required to pay its employees $5 million because a missing "Oxford comma" created ambiguity in an overtime law. A link to an article on the case in the ABA Journal is below. In this instance it was the legislature that created the ambiguity but it's not uncommon for businesses to [...]

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Assigning Insurance Claim Benefits to a Contractor is Not a Good Idea

An article appeared in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (see link below) in which it was reported that assigning insurance claim benefits to contractors in Florida has caused significant homeowner insurance premium increases. This has become quite prevalent. A homeowner suffers damage which is covered by insurance, such as hurricane damage. When they seek to [...]

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This Lawyer Isn’t Protecting A Harvey Weinstein In Your Workplace

Below is a link to an article in which the implication, or maybe more than implication, seems to be that lawyers work with employers to protect sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein in the workplace.  I've advised lots of employers, large and small, for more than twenty five years, and that isn't anything I've ever done, [...]

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Daytona Beach Area Beachside Redevelopment – IMO Two Essentials for Success

Since the Volusia Beachside Redevelopment Committee is taking input I thought I'd offer a few thoughts on how we might redevelop the greater Daytona Beach area beachside. After nearly three decades residing and working in Volusia County as a business law attorney, and being involved in dozens of causes trying to do my small part [...]

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“Creating Problem-Free Corporate Cultures”, Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce Evolve Magazine (August 2017)

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Volusia County Courthouse Annex: I’ll Miss You a Little But . . .

The Courthouse Annex on City Island may be replaced with a new 5 story courthouse. For anyone who doesn't know, City Island is adjacent to Downtown Daytona Beach in the Halifax River. The best thing about the Annex is the proximity to the River and the views. The new courthouse is proposed for Downtown along [...]

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Supreme Court Says: Whether Lawyer Referred Client to Doctor for Treatment Cannot Be Discovered in Litigation

On April 13, in a 4-3 decision, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the attorney client privilege protects a party, from being required to disclose that their attorney referred them to a physician for treatment.  The case involved a woman named Heather Worley who fell in the parking lot of a Central Florida YMCA (“Y”) [...]

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