Purchase / Sale / Merger

  Purchases, sales and mergers are all major business transactions. A business is often a substantial asset. Don't jeopardize the value of those who have invested, or are investing, in a business by trying to handle one of these major transactions on your own or with under-qualified assistance. Snell Legal may not be the biggest [...]

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Contracts / Agreements

Florida Contract Law Attorneys The first rule of business is to get it in writing. At Snell Legal, our contract lawyers protect your current and long-term interests by documenting your business arrangements in sound, easy to understand plain English yet sufficiently detailed contracts. Getting the Details Right We negotiate, draft, revise, review and interpret all [...]

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Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Intellectual Property At Snell Legal, we help you protect your investment in intellectual property. Daytona Beach IP lawyer Greg Snell won a record-setting jury verdict of nearly $19 million for a business client in a case involving alleged theft of trade secrets. It was the largest verdict in Volusia County history at the [...]

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Employment and Human Resources Counseling Snell Legal supports and counsels employers in all areas of employment law, including: Hiring, including permissible application, interview and screening practices Termination, including severance agreements and unemployment compensation claim issues Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) compliance Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) compliance Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) compliance [...]

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