“Creating Problem-Free Corporate Cultures”, Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce Evolve Magazine (August 2017)

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Volusia County Courthouse Annex: I’ll Miss You a Little But . . .

The Courthouse Annex on City Island may be replaced with a new 5 story courthouse. For anyone who doesn't know, City Island is adjacent to Downtown Daytona Beach in the Halifax River. The best thing [...]

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Supreme Court Says: Whether Lawyer Referred Client to Doctor for Treatment Cannot Be Discovered in Litigation

On April 13, in a 4-3 decision, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the attorney client privilege protects a party, from being required to disclose that their attorney referred them to a physician for treatment.  [...]

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Will Contests

Will contests have become more prevalent in recent years.  While Snell Legal is a business law and commercial litigation firm, and most wills do not involve businesses, the skills we use in handling business law [...]

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Ownership Disputes Results

Patriarch of family owned business, doing business internationally, died leaving equal shares of ownership in the business to his children, some of whom worked in the business and some of whom did not.  Brought suit [...]

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Professionals Results

Physician employee left practice and set up competing practice nearby.  Employee had entered a non-compete with the medical practice business client.  Sought an injunction prohibiting violation of the non-compete on behalf of the client.  Employee [...]

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