Business Services Overview
At Snell Legal, all we do is business law, with an emphasis on litigation, and we do a lot of it. Whatever your business law needs, odds are that Snell Legal can help you.
Below, is a list of non-litigation business services (sometimes referred to as corporate law) provided by Snell Legal, with links for additional information. If you do not see the specific type of service that you need, you should nonetheless contact Snell Legal to determine whether or not we can be of assistance because the services listed are merely representative, not exhaustive.

Employment/HR: Employer representation is what Snell Legal does most other than litigation. The employment law attorneys of Snell Legal have extensive experience in a full range of employment law related matters and have represented many of the largest and most prominent employers in the area. Whatever need you may have for a Daytona Beach employer representation law firm, Snell Legal almost surely can assist.

Business Ownership/Management Disputes: Disputes over the ownership or management of a business can become as heated and emotional as a divorce, particularly in family owned businesses. We can help craft creative solutions to diffuse these volatile situations, and return calm and reason when it may have been temporarily absent.


Mediation/Arbitration: About the only thing to do with a dispute is to end it — and fast! Pre-suit, post-suit, as advocate or mediator, our Daytona Beach business attorneys can help you end disputes quickly and economically.

Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights: Our Daytona Beach intellectual property attorneys will file, maintain and defend patents, trademarks and intellectual property and will assist with licenses, contracts and all things intellectual property related.

Health Law/Physician Representation: Snell Legal has extensive experience representing physicians, physician groups and health care institutions.

Contracts: Many “amateur lawyers” draft, negotiate and review their own contracts, and later regret it. Contact our business law attorneys and leave it to the pros. You won’t regret it.

Administrative Law/DBPR: We can help you obtain the licenses you need to operate your business, comply with regulations or represent you in investigations and hearings before the Department of Business and Professional Responsibility (DBPR) and other administrative bodies.

Business Start-Up: Starting a business or corporation is much less daunting when you have a Daytona Beach business lawyer from Snell Legal at your side. We know what you need to do for business formation, licensing, contracts, real estate, employment law and everything else associated with new business start-up.


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